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INCONEL alloys are a family of austenitic nickel-chromium-based superalloys, often used in high temperature applications, such as the Aerospace and Gas Turbine industries. Here at Bolt King we have many years of experience working with INCONEL, producing both precision turned and hot forged INCONEL fasteners. We source material exclusively from EU sources to guarantee customer confidence. We are able to offer very short lead times on both Hot Forged and CNC machined INCONEL bolts and nuts, and would welcome our customers to visit and watch their products being forged in-house, in the UK.

Hot Forged Inconel 625 Hex Bolts (M30)

Hot Forged Inconel 625 Hex Bolts (M30)


Our newly expanded hot forging capabilities means that we are now delighted to be able to offer:

  • Hot Forged INCONEL Bolts & Nuts; up to M36 / 1-1/2” Dia, up to 1100mm lg
  • CNC Machined INCONEL Bolts & Nuts; up to M100 / 4” Dia, up to 1500mm lg
N06600 B166 2.4816 600 INCONEL 600
N06601 B166 2.4627 601 INCONEL 601
N06625 B446 2.4856 625 INCONEL 625
N07718 B637 1.4668 718 INCONEL 718
N07750 B637 2.4669 750 INCONEL 750
N08800 B408 1.4876 800 INCONEL 800
N08825 B425 2.4858 825 INCONEL 825
N08925 B805 1.4529 925 INCONEL 925

INCONEL alloys were developed in the 1940s by Wiggin Alloys, which was later acquired by Special Metals Corp. INCONEL Fasteners are well suited to service in extreme environments. Advantages include:

  • Heat Resistance INCONEL retains its strength over a wide spectrum of temperatures, making it suitable for applications where steel would succumb to creep.
  • Corrosion Resistance The high nickel content of INCONEL alloys means that they have  excellent corrosion resistance, even in extreme environments.
  • High Strength  INCONEL is able to achieve very good mechanical testing results,  through the use of bespoke heat treatment regimes, including age hardening and precipitation strengthening. If you would like further information or data-sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us.


With over 100 years of experience amongst our principles, Bolt King is adept at formulating bespoke quality plans according to our customer’s requirements. Please call us to discuss your traceability requirements on your INCONEL bolting.

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