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Maintaining a strict ethical policy is beneficial to Bolt King's long term goals of stability and growth. Our Project Management Team works to ensure that we treat all commercial opportunities fairly and decently, and that all contracts are respected and executed professionally.

Bolt King supplies into both end-users and distributors. We highly value our relationship with distributors and merchants, and have a strict "no-approach" policy in place with regard to the customers of our distribution partners. We are happy to sign client exclusivity agreements with our partners to re-enforce this trust.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us.

Bolt King


We aim to check with our Manufacturing Department and contact our clients within 90 minutes, when an immediate answer cannot be given.


We will send special fasteners directly to your client when requested, which will, by default, guarantee removal of all Bolt King branded packaging. We guarantee your client is removed from our Potential New Client list for 2 years.


We pledge to respond to enquiries on the same day where possible, and will keep you updated on any potential obstacles. Multi-line enquiries may take a little longer, but your assigned Project Manager will give you an estimated target for quotation.


On the same day as receipt of order - following specific raw-material stock check. Where material prior sold causes a potential delay, we will inform you immediately as we become aware.


We will work with you to help you protect your OEM dealings, please ask for more information regarding Client Exclusivity Agreements.

Special Fasteners In Exotic Alloys, Including
Inconel & Super Duplex