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Bolt King Ltd was founded in 2018

Owned and run by Elliott Russell following in his father’s footsteps in the special fastener industry alongside Directors and fellow Shareholders Ben Corbett, Amanda Leeper and Robert Beasley.

Ben and Amanda bought Elliott out in June 2020 with Robert alongside as a director. They bring a wealth of experience in Special Fasteners, Engineering and Business. This, combined with a more modern approach, will catapult Bolt King Ltd to the next level.

The Future

Bolt King Ltd continues to invest both in its staff and its manufacturing plant, capable of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a knowledgeable sales team and loyal staff members with years of special fastener experience and a wealth of engineering knowledge. A dedicated, experienced, Quality team is on hand to deal with any certification requests you might have. Over the past few years, we have created many new jobs, and are continuing to grow valuing every member of our team, from our core management team (Production, Quality & Finance), the growing sales team, through to the heart of the shop floor with senior engineers to junior operators. The focus on the development of our staff has led to a huge improvement in quality. Continuous improvement in all areas is being achieved by the use of KPI’s. Recognising and rewarding team members who contribute to achieving our targets, is another way we are changing the ethos of the business.

Our short to mid-term goal is to invest in our machinery, whilst keeping hold of the forging capacity, with a view to introducing our third and fourth hot forging presses into action. This will increase our forging capacity from M48 x 1100 mm up to M76 x 1500 mm, allowing us to improve our response times and flexibility. We have many dedicated and loyal customers, including major fastener distributors and OEMs in the Automotive, Petro-chemical, Defence, Turbine and Power Generation Sectors including Nuclear which continues to grow.

Special Fasteners In Exotic Alloys, Including
Inconel & Super Duplex